KwikReports Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have Google Account to register on this site?

Yes, you should an email address that ends with @gmail.com or a corporate email address that is hosted by Google Mail servers (read more about Google Apps for Business).

My Android device does not have an SD Card. Can I still use KwikReports

Most Androids will have an internal SD Card. KwikReports App will use this one instead. If your Android does not have an internal SD Card then you will need to install one.

When I download and open the KRFiresprinklers.apk file I get a "Corrupt PDF" notice

Some Android devices may rename the file "KRFiresprinklers.apk" to "KRFiresprinklers.pdf" after download. If this occurs you must change the extension back to .apk.

In case file rename functionality is missing from your Android device, you can use third-party file management tools available on Google Play: File Manager.

Nothing happens after I press my "Activate KwikReports (Click Once)" button

  • Make sure you have checked the "Accept Terms";
  • Check to see if you get an "Invalid Activation Code" notice. This notice may be difficult to see if you have a keyboard displayed on your screen. If you get this notice:
    • Be sure you enter the activation code exactly as you received it;
    • Your activation code has expired after 24 hour period. Create a new code from Inspectors Management page.

I get a "Downloading Configuration Files" splash screen after tapping "Activate KwiKreports (Click Once)" button but then it disappears and nothing changes

  • At this stage your mobile device must download a large number of files, therefore a reliable data connection would be required. You can do the following to transfer those files in two sessions:
    • After the splash screen disappears rotate your phone to landscape to activate your gravity sensor. If you have received your account filles, this will trigger your device to go into "Upgrade Mode". Tap the "Continue" button;

The KwikReports icon is not on one of my Android home screens. It only shows up in my "Applications Section"

After installing KwikReports, tap the "Applications" icon on the device, find the KwikReports icon, press and hold to place the icon on the Home screen.

Inspection orders are not sent into my Inspector's KwikReports Application

KwikReports allows a firm to manage orders with multiple Inspectors. Once an order has been processed it is assigned to a specific Inspector, the other Inspectors will not be able to download that order. You can use online Inspection Order form to assign it to a different Inspector.

Values are missing in Inspection Order form of the KwikReports Application

Inspection Order values are populated from the online "Inspection Order" page, which should be used to provide missing values.

After completing a section of KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Report, the data does not appear in the "Preview" for that section

KwikReports Android application only records entered data once a "Save Section Data" button is selected on a system data entry screen. If the "Save Section Data" entry button is not selected, NO DATA or a X will appear on the preview screen for that item.

The inspection report is either not being sent or the client does not receive it

  • Check your "Outbox". If the report email is still there for more than a few minutes and a strong data connection is present, refer to the next item of this FAQ;
  • Check the "Spam" folder of recipient's email account;
  • Check to confirm you have reports remaining in your account;
  • Check that the email account you are using on your Android device is the one you have set in your "Manage Inspectors" page.

Can the resolution of the photos be adjusted in the report?

  • YES, your android camera image size can be set in the camera settings section. You should use the lowest setting as it will keep your data transfers down and at your cameras lowest image size setting your clients can generally increase their pdf magnification by 600% before pixilation occurs .

Inspection Report remains in "Outbox" indefinitely

  • Consult with your device manufacturer's instructions on how to navigate your email application. A few suggestions that may help:
    • Check the signal strength on the device;
    • Open "Outbox" and tap on device's Settings button followed by "Refresh" button;
    • Select "stuck" email in the "Outbox" and try to re-send it;
    • Go into the device's Wireless and Network Settings and turn the "Airplane mode" on. Wait 30 seconds, and then turn it off. This will reset data connection;
    • Restart the device by powering off, then powering back on again.

My camera won't turn off and has a "Lock" icon on the screen

On some devices the camera will remain locked in the "On" position if you have hit the power button while in camera mode. You need to push your power button again, this should remove the "locked" icon.

I get a "Force Close" tapping on application buttons

  • Direct manipulation of files in KwikRepors SD Card directory may cause the application to crash. To reset to working state you will have to delete SD Card folder and re-install KwikReports application. By doing so you will lose all historical report data;
  • Make sure that the SD Card is fully functional and properly seated

Some of my report photos are sideways

Some Android devices utilize the gravity sensor to establish height and width. If yours does not, then make sure you always use the same device orientation when taking photos.

My "Gallery", "Annotate Photo", "Edit Database Items" pages don't look the same as on the User's Tutorial videos. I am missing buttons at the bottom

The amount of space that KwikReports needs to utilize on these pages requires a screen of at least 3.7". Some users have developed a "work around" using the Android back button but a larger screen is required to make use of all KwikReports features.