KwikReports Introduction


To begin using KwikReports immediately:

  1. Download Android APK
  2. Begin reviewing KwikReports in Evaluation Mode; OR
  3. Create Your KwikReports Account and enter your activation code in your KwikReports App.

Once your configuration files have finished downloading the Android screen will switch to the "Main Screen". You may now want to download your included deficiency database.

Do this by selecting database icon Icon and then select "Update Database" at the bottom of both the "Deficiency" and "Non-deficiency" screens to begin your database download.


The following tutorial videos are quick reference guides for the web page sections.


Online Form

Company Profile

Google Log In

Inspectors Management

New Order

Order And Report Search


The following tutorial videos are quick reference guides for the Android sections.

These tutorials are also available directly from your android app.


Android Software by KwikReports specifically designed for Fire Sprinklers. This is a fast overview depicting the main features of the software. From downloading your inspection order, Fast entry of your system data. Auto loading, selecting and placing photo and database items.Saving, sending to the office and delivering your report and signed agreement to your client from the site.


This is the KwikReports tutorial for sprinkler inspection software on the android for the preferences page.

In this section the inspector can review inspections required for the order loaded with comments included. Set the Gmail auto sending option.

Synchronize additional camera software gallery paths. Manage the deletion of images throughout all directories. Synchronize all custom report item responses created in your online account and reconfigure your android unit to another inspector account.

You may download the app and try it for free at kwikreportsfs.com


This Previews tutorial is for KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Inspection software on the Android device.

The preview section is not simply a report review. This section will also activate your mobile mapping software from your cover page. In the systems page you will not only see the items you have included in your report and your response to them but you will also see the items you have not included. Both are color coded for rapid recognition. You will also be able to review your deficiency photos, descriptive photos, label photos and the descriptions database items you have selected for these items.


Android Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software upload tutorial. This tutorial shows the options on how to save your inspection to the sdcard, upload to the cloud so you may access and edit your report later on any PC or deliver directly to your client and A.H.J.

It also goes over how easy it is to create a template and capture your clients signature. With one check-box you can include your custom agreement with your clients signature right in your report.

This page also includes a system wide automatic field audit. This audit gives you a quick overview of what you have included in your report and what you haven't. This list of systems is not simply a line of text but actual navigation buttons that will let you navigate directly to a system you have missed to add what you need.

There is an additional check for critical client and report information that is required for identifying your report. If it has been missed KwikReports will hold the upload and notify you of the missing data and give you a navigation button back to the required page thus preventing you from spending time trying to decipher unidentified reports.

Job Data Entry

KwikReports Android Sprinkler Inspection Software tutorial covering entering location and client data.

Camera Gallery Database

Android Fire Sprinkler inspections tutorial for the camera, photo gallery and deficiency database sections.

In this tutorial we go over how automatic photo taking and placing is with KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Software.

It also goes over annotating the photo and adding one of the hundreds of included deficiency database narrative description. In this page you can also update the database if you have added or edited any of the database content online.

Deff Edit

KwikReports Fire Sprinkler Software based on the android operating system. This tutorial depicts the process to edit an existing deficiency in the current report. You can delete it completely or reload it into the database for editing photos, annotating photos, deleting photos, changing the database items that are a associated with the photos.

System Data

Android Fire Sprinklers Software System Data Entry.

This tutorial reviews the different ways you can enter data into your report. Also the system notification that you have saved a system for that report.