• Synchronized Reports

    • Create custom response to all queries
    • Synch to all inspectors
    • Auto populate only the selected report content
    • Deliver dedicated orders to specified inspectors

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  • Only Pay As You Go

    • Free account
    • Free activation code
    • Free Android software
    • No advertising on Android app
    • Deliver reports in under two minutes

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  • Hundreds of Pre-Loaded
    Database Items

    • Add, edit and delete
    • Admin controls deficiency verbiage
    • Synchronize to company mobile units
    • Auto-populate code references

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Attention Fire Sprinkler Inspectors!

Fast setup in TWO easy steps:

  1. Install the APK on your Android device
  2. Create an account to receive your activation code
That's it! You can now send PDF reports from the inspection site. The reports are dynamically created, color coded and easy to read. See the sample report below.

Have your whole team going in one 15 minute session. Contact us and we'll do the setup for you during the call. It's just that simple!

Here are just a few of our features:


  • Download and auto-populate from online order form
  • Build complete reports OFFLINE on your device
  • Instant report previews, NO connection required!
  • Comprehensive photo management
  • Save report to cloud to complete in office
  • Save up to 30,000 reports for instant recall

Online Integration

  • Synchronize your report content with all company devices
  • Manage Client and Inspection Sites address books
  • Review, create or edit reports online
  • Add your own corporate logo to your report
  • Search and report on current and past Inpection Orders and Reports
  • Get a free account, NO credit card required!
  • Multiple inspector management for larger operations
  • Online inspection database management

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